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Dress 10lbs lighter…

As someone who gets two kids up and out at an ungodly hour every day, I’m thinking this is a good look. I can see the benefits.  There are many mornings when i don’t want to let go of the bedspread, either.

Has anyone who wears a full-on burka got internet access? I would love to know the tricks of living with this garment.
Can muslim women mod their burkas? Sew headphones into them? A girdle of ninja throwing stars?  A gps readout visor with a wicked uv filter and photovoltawhatnots sewn into the fabric and a scrambled-egg-burrito warmer?

I’d like one with an iron-on decal of a much thinner, younger woman.

Wearing a burka is probably deeply comforting, in a here-i-am-safe-in-my-ladytent kind of way. Except for the parts when they are throwing rocks at your head.  Are there camoflage burkas?  Kevlar?  If they weren’t so deeply associated with oppression and lady-smacking, I think they could find a sweet market in the exhausted carpool mother demographic.

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