America has a website.

Why does America’s website look like a community college student portal?

It’s an appropriately earnest and joyless effort, yet riddled with rabbit holes. Parts of it have been translated into all the languages of the world. The part that has the most translations is a diagram of the water cycle.  it’s in Sotho, Kyrgyz, Wolof.  I guess if you are an Wolof speaker, and you want to know about America, all we are prepared to say to you is “Look! Rain!”.  When the Wolof person looks up, America will dash away…

One comment on “America has a website.

  1. ha! on the nose! that water-cycle diagram looks like religious doctrine to me: God is THERE, right THERE, can’t you SEE? (and since when does the federal government have anything to do with driver’s license renewal?)

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