Wool gym shorts and the jihad.

At Tile Hill Woods School and Language College, in Coventry, the school uniforms are a seriously unsexy green.  When I attended, there was a little brown hat that went with it, dialing the humiliation right off the freaking charts. There was a lot of Muslim students, too, but no-one wore a headscarf/hat every day. Maybe they were sent to school with a headscarf, but stashed it away on the bus. I had a pair of shoes that I hated because they made me look like something out of a creepy swedish folk tale. I would take them off on the bus and put my old pinchy shoes on instead.

So the school uniform policy has had to evolve to embrace the salwar kameez . Can you imagine the misery of yards of dark green polyester draped all over your body and your head?

Salwar Kameez:  Bottle green uniform fabric (silky fabrics are not uniform), school design encouraged.

Headscarf:  Plain black (optional). White headscarves may be worn in summer.

In this simple policy, the language school shows a balance of concession and tradition. Making sure everyone feels bloody hideous no matter what creed you are.

BTW: Back when I went to  THW, we also wore thick wooly underpant/shorts and a polo shirt for gym class. A carnival of pasty gooseflesh. No wonder the British are so kinky.

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