The smell of depression & a drugstore stimulus package: Je Reviens and Tabu

Je Reviens by Worth

Je Reviens by Worth


Tabu by Dana

Tabu, and  Je Reviens are both very strong perfumes that came out during the great depression.

There is a story in my family about my grandmother defending my grandfather in a scuffle by swinging her purse at a man’s head. That purse, containing a full and sizeable container of Je Reviens talcum, functioned like a sock full of wet sand and knocked the man down. As his ear hit the curb, he probably noticed the acute dryness of the topnotes. It is all aldehydes, which is when your nose is banging on the glass window, obviously screaming, but you can’t quite hear it. It is the loudest smell just out of our range, and it has been scorching our nose-hairs for longer than women have worn pants.   But Je Reviens has re-emerged on the market, and amongst the sugary musks and pink velour  it is still as startling and unique as a turquoise handbag hurtling at your face.

Tabu is a great perfume if you can’t afford soap. It throws garlands around B.O., it lights the candle, it puts on the Barry White,  juggles the balled-up socks  and you better put down the remote and tell her she’s special or you’ll get flayed alive by leg hair. No woman should be without a little bottle, as i believe for primate sexual signals it is the equivalent of your butt swelling up like a giant purple catcher’s mitt.

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