Meno-porns, January.

Where, oh where,  is the beefcake calendar for the hormonally sputtering, exhaustipated masses?

“There is nothing hotter than a woman enjoying a monte christo sandwich”

Is it too much to ask for a simple  wall calendar of Gerard Butler with his shirt off, pointing towards a shoe sale and holding out a nice sherry trifle?

There is only one Gerard Butler calendar out there and it’s fully shirted. Also, the pictures are kind of grey and grainy, and he looks a bit haunted, like they were taken by paparazzi.

for you…

Now, granted, if  I ever did get a glimpse of said Gerard Butler, he’s  probably going to be looking fairly cornered and reluctant, but that’s not the point. I just want a big glossy beefcake with a side of nipular smirkage. for January.

2 comments on “Meno-porns, January.

  1. Gerard Butler’s okay til he starts to speak. His mouth does this unattractive twisty thing that really turns me off. He’s at his sexiest in a flick called Dear Frankie. It’s quite a good movie. Check it out!

  2. Whither JD? I last saw him headed out the bathroom window at the restaurant. Must have gone to get me some extra cheese. I’m sure he’ll be back any time. I’ll have some more gravy while I wait.

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