Week 1

The archetypes begin to resolve. 

  • Mother Hen who will pluck your eyes out, but so gently.
  • Resting bitch face lady. might be a bitch. might not.
  • Ostrich lady – A high-frequency bowstring. some people have coffee for blood. Efficient and stretched thin, how she likes it.
  • Avuncular crab-ass. Flannel shirt. Thick Wisconsin accent. His points are sharp. Probably has a helluva shout on him.
  • Slick-mick, – grey fox varietal, Soft spoken but a fishmongers wife under the hood.
  • Slightly watery but friendly engineering lady. Reminds me of a friends mother. Faint whiff of loneliness, as would happen in her field. She’s into corgis and is rail thin.
  • Friendly black guy. super loud and friendly. Must make time to find him…
  • Hipster intern who is over his head and being mentored by someone who might have lost the plot.

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